What is Forest?

“Forest began when I decided to try and combine my love of nature with cooking. I set out with a set of unspoken rules - we wouldn’t use imported produce, we wouldn’t use something which was out of season, we would always try to challenge the common perception of eating wild foods by including them in our menus.

Although it took a bit of time to
bring it all together, we’ve made
some really valuable friendships with certain people and organisations that make Forest and its whole ethos come to life. We source the bulk
of our ingredients from urban farms which means our ingredients are
so fresh and ever-changing, and it also means we get to support our local growers to positively effect climate change.

Wild foraged foods play a big part
in our menus too, we are passionate about highlighting those humble ingredients that are often ignored.
It makes us happy to be able to perhaps show someone a new ingredient that they already had in their backyard that they didn’t know they could eat, or to show a new way of utilising a part of a plant that they normally would discard.
This type of cooking not only makes us feel good about reducing waste and increasing thoughtfulness around food, it also means that we have to be super creative and constantly challenge ourselves.

Creating a menu based on what is growing locally can bring us something so unique, and flavour so specific to our location. It seems a missed opportunity to be importing ingredients from elsewhere and ignoring what’s under our noses.”

- Chef and creator of Forest,
    Plabita Florence

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