Frequently asked booking questions:

Why do I have to enter my card details when I book?

We’re a pretty small restaurant, and our business can be heavily affected by cancellations and no-shows. Having tables saved and unable to be re-booked in time can quickly reduce what we’re able to turnover in a night. Our staffing requirements, food ordering, and preparation has been planned to match the numbers in our system. Your card is taken as a commitment, not a payment. Nothing will be debited from your card when making the booking.

What if I want to cancel my booking?

You can cancel at any time by following the instructions in the confirmation email you should’ve received when booking. If you cancel within 12 hours of your booking, or fail to show up, a fee of $50 per person will be charged, as outlined throughout the booking process.

What if I’m unwell on the day?

We ask that you take responsibility of your booking the same way you would if you had tickets to a show. Where possible we expect the rest of the group to make the reservation, or pass on the spot to some friends to avoid being charged the fee.

I got charged the cancellation fee, can I transfer the amount to my next visit?

If the fee is charged, it doesn’t act as a deposit, and cannot be transferred to a future booking. Even with this fee in place we are at a loss when we have tables unfilled.

I don’t feel comfortable putting a card down, what should I do?

We save space in our bar for walk-ins, and so if you’d rather not put a card down, then you’re very welcome to try walking in instead.

What if I want to change the number of people in my booking?

Just let us know as soon as you can. If it’s an increase in people, we try our best to make this work. Depending on the day there may or may not be space, please don’t just turn up on a busy night with extra people. If it’s a number decrease, then we appreciate you letting us know, so that we’re able to offer the freed up space to someone else.

What if I want to change the time or date of my booking?

You can make changes by following the instructions in the confirmation email you should’ve received when booking. We’ll try our best to match your preferred time, but if it’s a busy night there may be limited availability.

What if one of our party has allergies or dietary restrictions?

We are completely vegetarian, and always keep plenty of vegan and gluten free options on our menu. Our menu changes regularly, so if there’s something specific that needs to be avoided then the best solution is usually to chat to your server on the night, or contact us ahead of time to double-check. If it’s a life-threatening allergy, then we advise caution. Our kitchen is small, and while we do take care, we can’t 100% guarantee that cross-contamination hasn’t occurred.

How do I get hold of the restaurant?

We’re a small team and can’t always make it to the phone. The best way to contact us is via email at, or by texting us on 0210 901 3352.

A note on our policy:

We’d much rather feed people and share the Forest experience than have empty tables and cancellation fees, and really appreciate your understanding around this. We understand that life happens, and there are certain circumstances we will assess independently. We work really hard to bring Forest to life, and if you do wish to save a spot, then we just ask that you treat it as something of value.

Anything else we’ve missed? Get in touch!

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